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WordReference.com dictionary is the iPhone app that gives you access to the endless WordReference database, one of the most popular online dictionaries and provides translation and definitions for several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese or Chinese, among others.

The advantages of dictionary WordReference.com, include its simplicity, making it easy to search for a word in a matter of seconds, essential if you are travel and make an urgent inquiry. In addition, dictionaries are very comprehensive and includes conjugation of verbs in Spanish, Italian and French.

WordReference.com dictionary tells you the meaning of a Word, linked to the legal dictionary and business, shows different meanings, their phonetic equivalence and related or similar words in several languages. Another advantage of dictionary WordReference.com is offering audio of words, to know how to pronounce it and access to the forums of users.

If you need a tool to solve all your doubts language as soon as possible, with dictionary WordReference.com turn your iPhone into a full translator, dictionary and Conjugator verbal three in one.

  • Access to WordReference.com
  • Pronunciation help
  • Several languages available
  • Immediate result
  • Verb Conjugator
  • No offline mode
  • No history of previous searches

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