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Tricky Shot Soccer is a fun game for Android that should excite both lovers of football as games of skill. The Tricky Shot Soccer goal is to demonstrate your skill by overcoming various challenges which normally consist of giving with the ball at a certain point

A single game mode, but sufficient

For the moment, Tricky Shot Soccer only has a game mode. This way is to overcome various challenges of skill. They are as simple as, for example, hit a pile of tyres at the beginning, but as it progresses the thing is complicated and you have to learn authentic módena with your fingers.

Depending on how well you do, you'll get more points and pass (or not) to the next level.

Very improved gameplay

The mechanics of Tricky Shot Soccer game is great and attracts first. Pity that the gameplay is not the height. The "feeling" of the balloon is not very good, and therefore fun looks resentful. It is hard enough to kick the ball where you want and that stripping sexy.

However, Tricky Shot Soccer is still a fun game, especially for the football crazy.

Correct technical aspect

Paragraph graphic of Tricky Shot Soccer, without being a wonder, is pretty careful. The action takes place in a kind of courtyard located in Rio de Janeiro and both the decorations and different objects is correctly modeled.

The music is somewhat repetitive, and sound effects do not stand out either for good or for evil.

A missed opportunity

To be a Tricky Shot Soccer-playing while we have the impression that the author has missed the opportunity to create a super game for those that are installed in the tops of downloads almost immediately. But not so, partly since the balloon touch not just be optimal. Even so, it is a good game to have a good time, especially if you're a lover of football.

  • Original idea
  • Variety of challenges
  • Poor gameplay
  • There is no "feeling" with the ball
  • Only a game mode

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