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Subway Surfers is a fun adventure starring Jake, a young graffiti which he pursues him with a guard at the railway station. As does not plan to surrender to the authority, Jake decides to go out running and travel half the world on top of your skateboard traveling all over the world.

A flight with style

In Subway Surfers, fun is guaranteed since you will have to avoid obstacles, jumping, avoiding cars and collecting coins in your path without bumping into anything.

Subway Surfers is a game in the style of the Temple Run, where the character runs tirelessly while you try not to stamp you against a train or a fence.

What are the coins? With the coins collected in Subway Surfers you can buy upgrades for your character and aid as a skateboard, ideal for surf routes, a Jetpack, or new characters.

In addition, a peculiarity of Subway Surfers is that, despite being a game with a repetitive dynamic, updated every so often to offer a new scenario, so traveling all over the world in such emblematic cities such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, New Orleans or London, which will be added in the future new.

On the other hand, with every Festival, such as Halloween, his characters dress and include new objects to collect during your flight.

Reflections to the surface

Play Subway Surfers has no secret. You slide your finger up to jump, down to slide you under fences, left or right to move the other way if there is an impassable obstacle front and little more.

That, as you progress in the game, the thing will be getting harder, increasing the speed of the departure and the number of obstacles to avoid.

A cartoon game

Subway Surfers graphics are not revolutionaries but also lag. Indeed, their animated characters are very funny and you like at the moment. In this sense, graphs emulating cartoon style are one of the components that make Subway Surfers so downloaded game and that makes you play so many times.

To play again and again

Subway Surfers is one of the most addictive games you can find you. A simple dynamic, animated graphics, regular updates that make the game never die and constant bonuses to encourage you to keep playing, the ingredients of the success of this game so addictive.

Get the skateboard and surf!

  • Animated graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Fun
  • With the points purchase supports
  • He travels all over the world
  • Not so much as a Temple Run tide
  • Very similar to Temple Run

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