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After successful passing through DS, Scribblenauts has expanded its horizons to other platforms, and nothing better as iOS for this. But, what is Scribblenauts Remix? As a game where you can bring what you come in mind.

The premise is very simple. You have to Maxwell, a friendly looking boy - and something strange - who must solve a series of puzzles in different themed worlds.

For example, in a snowy landscape , there are 3 children who have called things Santa Claus and only give a slight clues: your job will be "to invoke" the gifts awaiting receive.

Another example: you have to do that a medieval Knight cross a Lake, but a shark there are what object would you use to cross without the shark attack?

These are just two examples of the many you'll find in the game, which in its free version has 5 worlds and 10 levels in eacheasier. If you want more, you have the option to pay extra and go to receive updates.

Scribblenauts Remix has a very easy control. To invoke an object simply write it in English. The good news is that game accepts many variations of a Word, as well as adjectives and synonyms would like a zombie dog? As you will have a zombie dog? Do you need a large rock? Get four!

Scribblenauts Remix is very replayable, as once you have passed a level you can try to pass it in a different way to, for example, do not repeat objects used in other levels.

The game also hit full in its graphics, identical to their "brothers" of DS. Everything in Scribblenauts Remix is colorful, seems toy but has life and the variety of objects that you can bring up is amazing.

  • Infinite ways of solving puzzles
  • Beautiful and colorful aesthetic
  • Very full version free
  • Ideal for practicing vocabulary in English
  • Complicated if you have not mastered English

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Cubic puzzle for lovers of the color

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