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Not everything is FIFA or PES in soccer simulators. There is a third game that has nothing to envy to these two, Real Football 2013, moves to your device BlackBerry 10 all the magic of sport King.

Player and manager at the same time

In Real Football 2013 put you in front of your favorite team. Your mission? Take it to the top and the glory filling your trophy case. Pity that issues licenses not all players and teams have real names.

Unlike FIFA or PES, Real Football 2013 joins the football aspect and the business: not only you'll be coach of your team, also President, so in addition to train your kids and help them in their victories, you will have to manage the facilities and advertising agreements.

The Simulator is not of this world

The party tactics of Real Football 2013 is very well designed and the interface greatly facilitates action. However, the payments within the application system is designed so that there are many stoppages in the game and you have to wait for (or pay) to keep playing.

The Simulator, although it is not bad at all, presents some animations quite poor and lacking in life, so the action is just becoming repetitive. Even so, provides good sensations football in general.

Improved graphics

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the graphics aren't anything of this world, and less animations. In that sense it is below its competitors. What is more carefully is the part of the menus and options of the Manager mode.

The previous ones were better

Real Footbal 2013 is a good soccer game that adds the incentive of the manager mode. However, we can't help but think that they are loaded a franchise whose previous versions were much more playable, with a simulator at the height, although out of payment. It is now free, but too intended to force the player to spend money within the application.

  • Very complete
  • Role of coach and President
  • Official FIFPro license
  • Easy to handle
  • Improved graphics
  • No online mode

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