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What is the rarest photo you've taken? A Platypus doing pine bridge? That will Pikura, not of Platypus, but perform original and fun photos and share them with other users so that they make a similar photo.

In Pikura, the challenge is to take photographs with the same subject that the user that created the thread: what are eating, with who are, heaven in your city, your pet... These are some of the topics already created, but you can bring your own.

You challenge to...

.. .fotografiarte in front of the mirror. Or to photograph what you have ahead. The possibilities are endless. Pikura can see threads with more photographs, the newly created, threads created by people who you follow or search for songs with the integrated search engine.

Pikura quite resembles Instagram or Twitter, so it does not cost you much know where everything is. You also have your own profile, followers and followed, as well as comments to the images and "Likes", as in Facebook.

In addition, you can post in Pikura, and at the same time put the picture on Twitter, so that more people can see it.

Intuitive as Instagram

As I've said before, the Pikura aspect is similar to the Instagram, so if you are familiar with this application you will be able to control Pikura without problems. In any case, everything is a stone's throw, so you won't have problems to find out where everything is.

Guaranteed fun!

The Pikura fun is assured. If you just look, you'll find photographs artistic and original in that comment, and if you dare to create challenges or to participate in them, spend it you big pictures you never imagined out.

  • Original idea
  • Unpredictable results
  • Variety of themes available
  • Comments and Likes
  • Improved integration with other social networks

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