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With the advent of smartphones and tablets, printed publications have been adapted to satisfy most technology users. A clear example of this evolution is Orbyt, a virtual kiosk that offers newspapers and magazines of all kinds.

Orbyt you can find newspapers such as La Razón, El Periódico, the world or Expansion; magazines such as interview, Woman or brand engine; and even children's stories such as the little Red Riding Hood. All publications are in high definition, you can expand them, turning pages sideways or from a comfortable index and activate, in some cases, a voice that read you the texts.

There are only available through registration payment, free publications and premium in Orbyt. You can save your Favorites and download newspapers and magazines on your device.

Orbyt is a luxury, the future of print media has arrived to your iPad. Do not miss it!

  • A long list of publications to read
  • High degree of readability
  • Text with hyperlinks and multimedia
  • Children's stories with storyteller loudly
  • Some newspapers and are are extra
  • The view is exhausted by reading in a non e-ink device

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