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Office Lens turns your phone into a sort of portable scanner. The results are great and the app is extremely easy to use. Digitize whatever you want in less than a minute.

A scanner with a bit of magic

There are many apps able to take photos, and some even have the possibility to correct the perspective, but none of them seem as futuristic as Office Lens.

From the outset, while taking the photo, Office Lens analyzes and detects the edges of the object that you are taking. Thanks to this automatically corrects the tilt and perspective of the picture, resulting in a perfect shot, as if you had taken it from a scanner.

Office Lens is an app focused on a single function, scan, and that's just what makes. It has a few editing options - basically, just cut - and you can then save the result in OneDrive, OneNote, Powerpoint, Word, PDF or the reel of your phone.

To save documents need a Microsoft account, except for save as picture on the reel.

It is very fast

When you want to scan a document with your phone probably don't have time for stories. If so, would you have used a scanner of truth on a PC.

In this aspect Office Lens is the best friend of the busy worker. Just open the app, is already activated camera mode. The only thing you have to do is point to the object and shoot. Finally, save the result.

Just can blaming one thing to the usability of Office Lens, and is the lack of a better control of manual adjustment. It is very difficult to adjust the points where you want to, because your own fingers do not let you see where you are placing them.

A good scanner with a little Microsoft overdose

Office Lens is an excellent document scanner and if do this task often surely save you much time. Now, although it is understandable that Microsoft slightly push you to use the rest of the suite of Office products, the effort in this case is forced a little.

When you save documents digitized almost you're forced to save them in OneDrive (PDF only stored there and not locally). A salvageable obstacle and not very important, but annoying if you don't use the Microsoft cloud.

  • Easy to use
  • Very handy for taking notes
  • Automatic adjustment of perspective
  • Difficult manual adjustment

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