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FIFA 14 introduces new elements that enhance the style of play and manage to make more realistic to the best PC football Simulator.

Realism in its purest form

This new release updates have to do mainly with the style of play. EA introduced new functions with the intention that the realism reached levels never seen before.

EA has made special effort in the animations of the players. Thanks to the Precision Movement, run, Sprint, turn, slow down and change direction is much more fluid and dynamic as in real life.

This improvement in realism adds improvements in the control of the ball. Now is possible to use the body to fight for a positionorn and alsoen to protect the ball . With this new option, you can save time and set the pace of the game.

There are also novelties in the shooting and the ball physics. With Pure Shot, players will have in mind the situation in the field to find the best position and the best angle that allows them to shoot at the goal. In addition to fire with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to the new fimusic of balorn see paths and more realistic and varied effects.

Another important improvement is the intelligence equipment. EA renovor deeply artificial intelligence of the players, who are now able to understand situations in a match as real footballers. For example, the front moved with cunning to the edge of the offside, the Interior take advantage of the shots in diagonal or used the open spaces to move to attack. In addition, the midfielders pulled passes pumped depending on the location and movements of their peers, while defenders closed spaces in a more credible way that FIFA13.

The defense is just one of the aspects that most EA has taken into account: with the introduction of the pressing dinamico players looking for the best opportunity to recover the ball, pressing close to the rival, anticipating it or stepping up brand on it.

And that is not all: to the igul which in reality, can occur that a team try to save time if you are up on the scoreboard, keeping the ball for as long as possible in their half of the field, with safe passes and without risks. New artificial intelligence allows players of the opposing team to recognize this strategy and to increase the pressureorn in the middle of the rival camp, as it would happen in reality realism really helps!

In addition to these improvements in the style of game, EA added other new features that enhance the gaming experience. In careermode, for example, you can send your own observers toured the world in search of new talent. You can specify in detail player profile you're looking for and interact with observers in the new management menu.

In regards to multiplayer online, the novelty that stands out is the mode season 2 against 2 cooperative. What we were all waiting for. In this mode, you play as a couple with a friend online, starting at the tenth division and making you way to the first to win the League title.

FIFA 14 introduces new skill games, divetidos games (which appeared for the first time in FIFA 13) intended to practice and develop your technical skills. Speaking of technology, this game includes a section that explains in detail how perform movements, dribbling and celebrations.

Finally, FIFA 14 offers a new interface that is easier to use and with an attractive design. However, the menus of the training, tactics and team management were not modified.

Total reaction with the remote control

When you have chosen the field of play, FIFA 14 provides the best of himself. Controls are the same as for the previous installment, but the reaction of the players has improved a lot.

They are more sensitive to the controls, we note a greater fluidity, as well as a more slow and reasonable rate that encourages team play. The fights for the ball are excellent, as well as the reactions of the players, either defending or putting together a move.

The above Pure Shot and Precision Movements, together with the new physics of the ball, they have expanded exponentially the gameplay, allowing to perform complex movements and incredible shooting way simpler than the previous installments.

The same graphic, but more realistic engine

Unlike the versions for consoles of the next generation, PS4 and Xbox One, FIFA 14 PC does not use graphics engine Ignite. Engine of the computer version is an update to the one used in FIFA 13. Graphic capabilities do not differ much from the previous version, but the development of animations and physics contribute greatly to increase the realism.


It was difficult, but Electronic Arts managed once more to improve its own football Simulator. Innovations in the style of play will be more appreciated by experienced players who by the occasional. However, they are obvious and carry realism to levels never seen before.

Despite advances in the new PES, FIFA 14 reinforces and confirms his leadership as the best game of football on the market.

  • Extraordinary gameplay
  • More fluid and realistic animations
  • Outstanding ease of use and design of menus
  • Pace of play slower and reasonable
  • Game 2 vs 2 cooperative in season mode
  • No change in the graphics engine
  • Any change in the management of the Team menu

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FIFA 14 reviews


the best football game to hi in the meercado: the best game of football the MUNDOOOO passes sweeping Pro 14


The best football Simulator : FIFA 14 is by far, the best soccer game. There are many improvements of this great game of football with respect to its previous delivery, for example now with the Pure Shot and the ball Real physical shots come out as real as life real and every step and angle matter to make it a goal. EA once more creates the best soccer game, I recommend you to buy it since it is very entertaining and Real.


Slow and boring: Too slow the pace of play, coming from 13 players take up to to react on this.


the game is amazing : I love the game and is fun also I am distracted with the game I have...


Sincerely wonderful: There is nothing that can beat this game, or even Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is better, the only thing that I see is that the menus and graphics engine have not been improved, but outside of that, incredible, even you can do tricks and dribbling as FIFA Street, this is better than Pro Evolution.


14 FIFA rules.! Yeah!: For all their estadiums and news to counter the pes difference. 14 FIFA rules.! Yeah!


LARGE: It is the best game in the world one of the best simulators arriving to compete fuetemente against the pes 2014 despite the fact that this not get demo of your game

good: q good est√°muy and has ebolusionado a lot compared with before the q was


EXCELLENT: Excellent game the best so far, I hope that my friends play it


severe juegaso: to proved severe juegaso and to the imcorporar to bale in the list of the real madrid players demonstrates that it is constantly updated if this is the demo imagine officer


amazing, fabulous: great, sincerely play more great e played because I can't wait to play 15 fifa because if this was amazing it will be another


the best of fifa: an excellent game unmatched realism great graphics and gameplay


very buenoksbdhdhdgjdbhdsbc djfhufhjfhdnsfuiefuehushknajfnn: very good to excellent play game for all people who like football


AWESOME JUEGASO: Excellent game, the best soccer of the world... Graphs are seen, but very very good, the realism is stunning, and the main character Leo Messi, the best judador of the planet as the protagonist of the best game in the world...

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