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Who says that of BlackBerry can not play to FIFA? Okay, it is not exactly the same as the iPhone version, but it is not bad at all.

FIFA 13 is a version tailored to BlackBerry of the far more popular soccer game. If you leave aside the odious comparisons with their "older brothers", you will find a set of football fun and ideal for BlackBerry.

This BlackBerry version has graphics that resemble the consoles of 16 soccer games bit. The control of FIFA 13, however, is much better than the games of that time. Players move well and the pace of play is appropriate.

Furthermore, FIFA 13 for BlackBerry has leagues of all countries, more than 200 teams and actual names of footballers.

Ultimately, do not pay you attention to the graphics of FIFA 13, not to compare it with the versions for other platforms more powerful and enjoys one of the best football games for BlackBerry, with permission of Real Football.

  • Acceptable animations
  • Variety of equipment
  • Real names
  • Pace of play suitable
  • Very outdated graphics
  • The comparisons are inevitable

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