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If you want to be part of the virtual gold rush, you can accumulate wealth in the form of bitcoins virtual with Bitcoin Billionaire.

Get rich

Bitcoin Billionaire does not use real money, but it is very addictive and you will gain coins trillion virtual by pressing the screen to get more coins on your character screen. The faster you click, you get more coins.

Fortunately, there is much more to simply crush the screen. You can use bitcoin to invest in industries that earn coins automatically, without having to press or even have the game open. It is also possible to improve the software of bitcoins to achieve more coins each time the button. Dale class to your office with accessories, fulfills the tasks and challenges, and so you will get the bonus.

A smart box

While you earn coins, you'll see boxes falling from above. If you click on them, you'll find coins or bonds as coins.

You can win virtual currency watching videos or 30-second ads. It is an very smart to invite you to view ads (and works), since Bitcoin Billionaire make you despair in search of coins, at any cost, even to sacrifice the health of your fingers.

Perfect pixels

The pixelated graphics of Bitcoin Millionaire are precious and much remind me of the Game Dev Story. You can customize your player and, although you only see a room, it you can decorate as you want and feel at home (even you can buy pets, if you have enough bitcoins).

Rarely, the soundtrack of Bitcoin Billionaire is not heavy, although it always repeats the same joyful melody. In fact, it is even hypnotic, and will get into your head for hours.

Money, money, money

Bitcoin Billionaire illustrates perfectly the addiction that can cause the money, even in virtual form. It is very difficult to stop pressing the screen, and is watching your coin collection grow strangely attractive.

Addictive, easy to play, fun, creative and subversive: Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the treasures of the App Store.

  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Lovely graphics
  • Many bonus and best
  • Good integration of ads
  • Watch out for your fingers

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